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Christmas Gift Ideas at
Beaded Jewelry Moonbabies, Pollyanna & Noel
Badge Holder Necklace Hangers, Snowman, Santa, 
Frosty, Christmas tree &  Red/Green & Gold Stars

BL#242 Christmas Tree $24.00 BL#286 Snowman $40.00 BL#286 Santa $40.00 BL#204 Frosty $24.00

BL#228 Red/Green W/Gold Star $24.00 #584 Noel $30.00 #583 Pollyanna $ 45.00       

  Call to order Toll Free  888/ 243-6040


Pendant Magnifiers

Patriotic Badge Holder Stars and Stripes ID Necklace Lanyard Hanger

Eyeglass chain leash in Tiger print beads

AJ116 Aquamarine Amethyst anklet Jewelry

Breast Cancer Awareness beaded jewelry , Moonbabies Barbara & Faith

Magnifier Pendants

 Flag Badge Holder Stars and Stripes  Necklace Lanyard Hanger

 Eye Glass Leash  Chains


Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry Moonbabies Barbara &  Faith

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Ankle Jewels,  ID Badge Holders /Eyeglass Hangers

Eye Glass ChainsEyeglass Necklaces, Magnifiers,  Moonbabies pins and Amtraco Create-A-Fossil Kits accepts Discover Visa Mastercard and American ships via U.S. Postal Service

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