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Badge Holders, I.D./Eyeglass Necklaces & Lanyard Hangers



I.D. Tag Badgeholders & Eyeglass Necklace Name tag  lanyards 

Swarovski Crystal Silver Eyeglass necklace Swarovski Crystal Gold Eyeglass necklace Swarovski Crystal Silver Badge holder necklace Swarovski Crystal gold Badge holder necklace Champagne Swarovski Crystal Badge holder necklace Black Swarovski Crystal Badge holder necklace Multi color Swarovski Crystal Badge holder necklace Smokey Topaz Swarovski Crystal Badge holder necklace Sapphire blue Swarovski Crystal Badge holder necklace

     Starting at  $24.00  



"THE HANGERDon't Be Caught Without your ID  


Badge holder or  id / eyeglass hanger necklace lanyard makes the perfect gift for the  professors, educators, teachers, coaches, nurses, medical personnel, students and professionals in your life.

Our beautiful lanyards are all hand made in the USA with the finest components, including magnificent hand made beads by American bead artists, fashion forward design and most importantly, you are supporting a company that is deeply committed to supporting "American Made".

For durability, each necklace is assembled using nylon coated, 8 strand stainless wire with stainless crimps on the ends, to ensure the ID necklace will withstand extreme amounts of stress. 

We use top quality multi-strand stainless steel stringing wire with a 30 lb. break strength.

The id necklaces are 34 inches long with Hanger ring, and ID tag badge holder.

We have many exciting colors, and designs including our Animal prints, Specialty collection, Designer collection and Ultra designer Series

Swarovski crystal, Hematite, Amethyst, fresh water pearls, turquoise, Labradorite, Czech glass and ceramic beaded pendants are used to emulate executive elegance with our designs.

Your imagination is the only limit to the many uses of our versatile "hanger". The "hangers" can be used for I.D. badges, eyeglasses, whistles, cell phones, keys and virtually anything else you want to "hang".

The lanyards come with a full 1 year guarantee.

Our jewelry badge holders are perfect for corporate event ID.

Many attendees are accustomed to wearing  identification cards on cords,  add style and accessorize with beaded jewelry ID badge holder necklaces

Improve your show's image with custom corporate  I.D. tag necklaces  designed with your corporate colors or logos

Our Corporate Development team available toll free at 888/243-6040, will work with your company to develop custom Corporate Identity Jewelry.

Custom designs & colors  are available with your organizations colors.

100 piece Minimum Order is required for custom orders.

 As always when purchasing with "FREE BASIC SHIPPING"

The badge holders & eyeglass necklace lanyards give you and your employees a look of professionalism, unlike most plain badge holders and eyeglass Necklaces! 

Please check out our Badge holder & Eye glass Necklace Index below...


Cow Pendant badge holder jewelry BL197Champagne Swarovski Crystal badge holder id necklace BL475



Badge Holders Colors & Designs are listed below. You can either follow the hyperlink to the desired badge holder lanyard or view all of our designs individually by starting here...  . If you have team or company colors that are not displayed here we can custom make badge holders or sport whistle holders  with your choice of colors. (There is a minimum order for custom designs!). All necklace designs are available with a BREAKAWAY ($5.00)addl. 

Badge Holders $24.00

Badge Holders $24.00

Animal & Special Lanyard Collection



BL 1 - Amethyst Chip BL274 - Black Silver Tube  
BL2 - Peridot Green Chip BL277 - Black/ White BL123  - Leopard
BL3 - Champagne Chip BL300 - Hematite Rectangle BL124 - Tiger
BL 4 - Amber Rice BL302 - Amethyst Rectangle BL125 - Zebra
BL 5 - Green Fire polish BL307 - Ceramic Heishi Brown BL126 - Giraffe
BL 6 - Gold w/ Picasso BL314 - Purple Iris BL141 - Cheetah
BL 7 - Green Donut  BL318 - Green Indian Gold BL192 - Silver Cat 
BL 8 - Cream Gem / Carmel Swirl BL320 - Blue Silver BL193 - Starfish
BL 9 - Green square / Peach Pearl BL321 - Brown Copper BL194 - Sun Hanger
BL 10 - Gray / Lavender BL323 - Rose Aztec BL248 - Peridot Cube/Gold
BL 11 - Bronze Chip BL338 - Pastel Multi Silver

BL251 - Lavender/Donut

BL 12 - Black / Multi Glass BL341 - Pastel Orange Gold BL252 - Gold Donut
BL101  - Silver & Blue BL342 - Pastel Green Gold BL253 - Green Donut/2Tone
BL104  - Black & Silver BL344 - Cream Pastel Gold BL254 - Red / White / Blue Donut
BL106  - Black & Gold BL345 - Coco Pearl BL261 - Fish Pendant
BL107  - Pearl & Gold BL346 - Pink Pearl BL275 - Clear Silver Gold
BL115 - Lavender/ Seafoam BL394 - Bronze drop BL279 - Red Black White Fossil
BL117  - Clear BL395 - Black Drop BL282 - Rainbow Peace Sign
BL119  - Silver / Copper & Black BL396 - Hematite drop BL299 - White Donut
BL122  - Hematite BL397 - Clear Drop BL303 - Hematite Donut
BL128  - Dark Blue & Silver BL398 - Blue Drop BL304 - Copper Donut
BL129  - Silver & Turquoise BL399 - Silver Drop BL327 - Pug Dog Amber
BL132  - Silver & Gray BL400 - Black & Gold Burst BL335 - Striped Fish Pendant
BL134  - Small Pearl  Gold BL401 - Black & Silver Swirl BL347 - Hematite Oval Pearl
BL135  - Small Pearl Silver BL450 - Bronze Luster Nugget (NEW)  
BL139  - Blue & Purple BL451 - Smokey Topaz (NEW)

Designer  $44.00

BL140 - Slate Blue & Gold BL452 - Bronze Black (NEW)


BL147 - Pearl & Silver BL453 - Cranberry Luster (NEW)  
BL160 - Brick N' Blue  BL454 - Multi luster / Gold (NEW) BL142 - Smoke Czech Glass
BL165 - Stars & Stripes (Patriotic) BL455 - Amethyst Luster Nugget (NEW) BL143  - Topaz Czech Glass

BL176 - Black Spike

BL456 - Blue Green 2 Tone Glass (NEW) BL164  - Ceramic Eyes 
BL179 - Breast Cancer BL457 - Hematite Silver Rondele (NEW) BL196 - Frog
BL186 - Red Bone BL458 - Amethyst Barrel (NEW) BL197 - Cow
BL189 - Multi Bright BL459 - White Multi Nugget / Gold (NEW) BL263 - Ladybug Pendant
BL200 - Brown / Pink    BL315 - Blueberry
BL204 - Frosty  Snowman   BL336 - Black Dog Pendant
BL205 - Black /White Star


BL209 - Hematite / Pearl


BL215 - White Cube  


BL216 - Black Matt Cube BL131 - Swarovski Crystal w / Silver 


BL217 - Clear Cube Multi BL133 - Swarovski Crystal w / Gold BL136 - Sports Black 
BL218 -Clear Cube Hematite BL471 - Sapphire Swarovski Crystal (NEW) BL137 - Sports White 
BL219 - Cream / Gold Pearl BL472 - Smokey Topaz Swarovski Crystal (NEW) BL324 - Golf
BL220 - Black / Turquoise BL473 - Multi Swarovski Crystal (NEW) BL480 - Soccer
BL221 - Copper/Gold/Clear BL474 - Black Swarovski Crystal (NEW) BL481 - Baseball
BL222 - All Black Mix BL475 - Champagne Swarovski Crystal (NEW) BL482 - Tennis / Golf
BL225 - Black Matt/Silver Ball   BL483 - Basketball
BL226 - Navy/Black/Silver

Ultra Designer $80.00

BL484 - All Sports Black (Large)
BL227 - Navy/Black/Gold   BL485 - Volleyball
BL241 - Black/Silver Star BL144  - Turquoise & Labradorite BL486 - Football
BL245 - Pink Flamingo BL146  - Fresh Water Pearl (Khaki) BL487 - Tennis

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Ankle Jewels,  ID Badge Holders /Eyeglass Hangers

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